Our pharmacy services

An expert team offering healthcare and medicines advice – and much more

Our Infinity Group pharmacists will tell you that when you’re part of our team, there is never a boring day!

Far from simply ‘filling a script’, our pharmacists are qualified experts in medicines who are proud to offer specialised advice on medicines and general healthcare that our local communities rely on. They work alongside GPs, specialists, allied health professionals, and hospitals to offer a customised, reliable service.

For us, ‘care’ is not just about providing exceptional pharmacy services. It’s about providing preventive health care by working closely with other healthcare professionals to deliver education and awareness of health issues in our communities.

Infinity Group pharmacies are fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment to support our team, who are often a patient’s first point of contact with the health system.

And it’s not just about healthcare. Our pharmacies offer a destination shopping experience for beauty, skincare, cosmetics and so much more.

Our pharmacy services include:

Medicines advice

Of course, our pharmacists are medicines experts who supply medicines, offer advice on using them safely, and suggest cheaper generic medicines

where appropriate. They also answer a multitude of questions such as whether to take medicines with food, what side effects to look out for, allergy advice and much more.

Healthcare advice

From treating minor illnesses such as coughs and colds, post-natal care or pain management, right through to managing chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma, our pharmacists can help.

Advice on vaccinations

It’s the hot topic of the moment, and our pharmacists are trained and qualified to provide the COVID-19 vaccine. They can also provide the seasonal influenza vaccination every year.

General health checks

Infinity Group pharmacists can assist with checking blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar tests for diabetes, for patients to relay to their GP.

Retail and beauty

Our pharmacies offer a range of carefully curated cosmetics and beauty products.

Advice on wound care

Pharmacists can help manage minor injuries and demonstrate the correct way to apply dressings and compression garments.

Healthcare for babies and children

Our Infinity Group pharmacists are always happy to help mothers (and fathers!) with the right advice and products to treat common baby conditions. From eczema and nappy rash, to teething trouble or pain and fever, many parents have benefited from our help.

Women’s health services

Women have their own different health needs, and our pharmacists are qualified to provide advice and help with women’s health concerns such as menopause, period pain, vaginal thrush, urinary tract infections (UTIs) and weight gain. They can also supply personalised advice and suggest relevant products or supplements to boost women’s health.

Men’s health services

Men too have their own health issues to deal with, and Infinity Group pharmacists are trained to help with men’s health concerns such as erectile dysfunction, hair loss and weight gain. Again, they can provide the right advice and suggest relevant products that can help.

Self-care and lifestyle assessments

As part of our holistic approach to healthcare, Infinity Group pharmacists can assist patients with their overall wellness; for example with BMI checks or advice on quitting smoking.

Medical certificates

Pharmacists can supply medical certificates for work absences, where people cannot access a GP.

All other general health services

From health check services to practitioner vitamins, nutritional support, and medical consultations for common ailments, our pharmacists provide personalised advice and suggest products to care for people’s common health needs.

And of course, this list doesn’t even begin to cover what you’ll experience each day with Infinity Group – which is why the right attitude and ambition are so important for our team.

For more information on our services please see our current pharmacy site.