About Infinity Group

A pharmacy team that’s focused on excellence in care

Providing the best in healthcare stems from having the best people. That’s why we aim to attract the best by offering them the environment they need to excel.

From our team of directors right through to our pharmacy staff on the front line, we believe in inspiring our team to deliver their best.

At Infinity Group we’re agile. We collaborate. We laugh together. And we empower each other – because we believe our team have the nous and ability to make their own decisions in the best interests of our group and our customers.

We understand that everyone has their own life goals and priorities, and we’ve built a strong workplace culture by seeing each of our team members as an individual. Work/life balance, quality of life, and deep respect for our team and their families are fundamental to the way we do business.

Ultimately, we understand that our happy and motivated workforce is the bedrock for the non-negotiable high standards of care that are the benchmark of Infinity Group pharmacies.

For nearly 15 years, this unique culture has helped Infinity Group offer outstanding care to the people of the communities we live and work in. We aim to be one of the biggest and best privately owned pharmacy companies in Australia – and we want your help to get us there.