Infinity Women

Helping to support women of our workforce

At Infinity Group we recognise the importance of women to our industry, and the many ways they work to shape and enhance the pharmaceutical and retail industry.

Even though women make up an estimated 65% of the pharmacy workforce, historically they have been underrepresented in leadership roles. Infinity Women is working to change that.

Infinity Women aims to increase the presence of women in our leadership roles, by acknowledging the differing career paths taken by women. We’re also actively seeking to help our female team members to advance their pharmacy career in other roles.

Research has shown that many women are prematurely lost to the workforce by strict or inflexible working arrangements. So we’re working to empower women by removing barriers for mothers to return to work with us, for example once their maternity leave is complete.

The program draws on our corporate values of caring, respect, and continuous improvement to better utilise women’s strengths in our business.

Women value teams and relationship building, qualities which are both highly prized in our Infinity Group workplace culture.

Women are persuasive leaders and empathetic listeners, which is of great value when dealing with our customers and patients.

Women are patient and tend to stay calm, qualities which can help when dealing with patients who may not be at their best.

Women tend to be better communicators, able to convey meaning with both tact and honestly. This can be valuable when passing on honest health advice and wellbeing recommendations.

Women are generous and great at inspiring and lifting up those around them, which are key attributes we emphasise in our team culture.

Women can be reluctant to put themselves forward for leadership roles and emphasise their unique and valuable skills.

For all these reasons, the Infinity Women program simply makes sound business sense – and it’s the right thing to do.

Infinity Women is all part of how our team are working to help women enjoy the best opportunities of their lives and careers.