Pharmacy intern programs

Career pathways for future pharmacists

At Infinity Group we recognise that tomorrow’s pharmacy leaders are beginning their journey today. To support this adventure, we are proud to offer internship opportunities to outstanding candidates.

As an intern with us, we won’t see you as a temporary part of our team. We see that you will be the pharmacy leaders that both we – and the communities we serve – will rely on in the future.

We have strong experience of working with Intern Training Programs and we’ll do our best to support you with your assignments, exams, and practical contact hours. You’ll even have the chance to supplement your theoretical training with real-world skills that you may not have covered yet.

We’re big on investing in our team with ongoing education. We’ll help you stay up-to-date with the latest pharmacy developments – so that you can give our patients service that’s second to none.


Some of this ongoing education & training may include:

• Pharmacy business insights to show you how things work from a commercial perspective.

• Management/HR training to equip you with vital people management and HR skills that will stand you in great stead as a future pharmacist.

• Head office training days where you can join with other interns to collaborate on assessments and exam preparation.

• Exam training days that take you through previous examples to familiarise you with the assessment.

• Placement in different stores that can give you the chance to gain a different experience and round out your education.

• An excellent support structure that gives you access to pharmacist-led mentorship and some of the best in-store preceptor pharmacists.

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