Laleh Salehi

Operations Director in WA .

Choice for Australian Government Health departments pharmacist COVID 19 advertisements.

Laleh is our Dispensary Operations Advisor who has built a strong and rewarding career throughout the Infinity Group.
Laleh originally decided to pursue a career in pharmacy because it involved her twin passions of science and healthcare.
She loves that pharmacists are often the first point of contact for people’s health, and can offer advice and recommendations that can potentially change people’s lives for the better.
This attitude and her immense ability as an Infinity Group local pharmacist was the main reason she was chosen as the pharmacist face in the recent Australian Government COVID 19 education advertisements.

Video: COVID-19 vaccination – Pharmacy Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca (without masks)
Video: COVID-19 vaccination – Community Pharmacy

Commencing as a pharmacy student and completing her studies at the University of Otago New Zealand Laleh made the move to Australia to complete her internship. She then joined the Infinity Group as a junior pharmacist at our Priceline Morayfield store but showed such potential that she was quickly promoted to the Pharmacy Manager role. Over the next few years, the pharmacy grew rapidly and another full time pharmacist was appointed. Laleh managed our Morayfield store for over 5 years where it went from strength to strength. She then took a short career break over in the UK but then returned to Australia where she worked side by side with Vin, one of our Directors.

Following this Laleh was promoted into her current head office role where she is making a significant impact training and onboarding new pharmacists and providing general dispensary support. Laleh has always had aspirations to work as a health professional where she can provide exceptional care to her customers and be heavily involved in the wellbeing of her community. Lalehs caring nature, attention to detail, focus and warm approach to her role, fellow colleagues, customers and patients truly sets her apart as one of our most highly regarded pharmacists.

Laleh would like to thank all the directors and senior management that provided her immense support over her career progression, more importantly we would like to thank her for making such a wonderful impact on new pharmacists who join our group.