Ameet Jeraj

Managing Director.
Bachelor of Pharmacy

The founding partner and Managing Director of the Infinity Group.

With close to 20 years of pharmacy experience under his leadership the company has expanded to being Priceline’s largest franchisee in Australia.

AJ is an astute and commercial professional who specialises in business development, stakeholder management, strategic negotiations and entrepreneurial initiatives. He continues to play an active role in the pharmacies within the group. He is keenly aware of the generational impact of his actions and influence within our local communities, not only to his customers and team but on their families and their futures. This attitude is reflected in his genuine care and support for every staff member and their work/life ambitions.

AJ’s family is clearly at the heart of everything he does and believes his success has been attributed to his beautiful wife and 2 delightful young children. Also a “mad” cricketer, AJ enjoys both watching and playing his favourite sport, often practising in the hallways of the office – safely of course.

AJ is an innovative Director always proactively challenging the status quo and finding new ways to ensure a profitable and high performing business, that has the ability to give back in meaningful ways both environmentally and socially. His mantra of “just make it happen” has not only ensured the successful outcomes of the business but will continue to drive and engage the team.